Welcome To The St. Catharines Gyro Club

Where members and guests experience very pleasant events and regular meetings featuring enjoyable camaraderie, excellent programs and fine meals well served.

Advancing Fellowship with Virtual (ZOOM) Meeting

Our most recent meeting, March 17th  St. Patrick’s Day and our president and chief leprechaun chaired a full program including a some Irish folklore, fellowship and music and many, many laughs.         Selected Music   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CaLi7pN0Y2E

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Bryan Rose, executive director of the Niagara Community, Foundation provided a comprehensive presentation outlining the history and objectives of the local organization and drew attention to its many accomplishments. Additional information Click https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MRqx1GDSNeA&t=2s


To complete the program a very humorous Irish comedian Brendan Grace provided a hilarious video in true irish fashion. To view the act click https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6cNXtVt0GI4

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    Notice – Next Meeting

Next meeting April 21st, Police Chief  Bryan MacCulloch will provide a presentation about the “Niagara Regional Police Service” as our zoom guest. Watch for the email invitation providing the link to click to join the meeting. It’s a very easy process. If anyone who may be unfamiliar with the process, assistance can be provided. Just call Ed at 905 682-2733. 

See you all (on the screen) on April 21st. 

Current Executive

President – Phil O’Reilly   
Past Pres.- Peter Partington  
Vice- Pres.- Ed Telenko
Treasurer – Tony Flus
Secretary – Doug McNaughton 
Membership – Frank Cooper

Nominations/Special Assigments – Alex Hastie
Program, Food & Beverage –  Tim Rigby

Socials  – Rick Rigby
Legal Counsel – Brian Smith
Website/Commumications – Ed Telenko
Director – Jim Blake
Telephone, E-Mails – Dan Plunkett .

Mailing Address
St. Catharines Gyro  
c/o  St. Catharines Club,
77 Ontario St.,
St. Catharines, L2N 5J5

Previous Programs:          February 17, 2021
Paula Racher,  Manager,  Events & Community Relations – Delivered a comprehensive  presentation  complete with visuals describing the current progress as well as the expected benefits of hosting Niagara 2022 Canadian Summer Games in St. Catharines in 2022. https://niagara2022games.ca/#vid-sizzle